Dear World Letter to Cary Alexander Lynch

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To Cary Lynch, A Beloved Grandson – and To All Grandsons

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Know that each and every day you are in my heart.  I give thanks to the Universe for having your special spirit in this troubled world.  You have a twinkle in your eye that others get  to enjoy on occasion and my hope is that soon I will have the privilege of being in your company, too.

I rocked you on my knees the whole night through when you were a baby.  I was so grateful to be given the joy of looking at your precious face and of stroking your feet that would slip out of the blanket when I stopped singing for even a moment the lullaby that lulled you to sleep.  I send to you Dear Cary the words of that lullaby with the fervent hope that those words I sang to you as a child will bring you the contentment  you so deserve as a young man.

Cal Boy, Cal Boy, sweet little sweet little pie

Cal Boy, Cal Boy, the sweetest baby under the sky.

I love you, I love you, I love you with all my heart

And you and Grand Mom will never ever part.

Oh, Oh, Oh Cal Boy, Cal Boy- sweet little sweet little pie

Cal Boy, Cal Boy, I’ll love you until I die.

I love you, I love you, I love you with all my heart

And you and Grand Mom will never ever part.

I wrote the music and lyrics of the song below especially for you Dear Cary, beloved grandson.  It is called “Please Take My Hand.”  Your Uncle, RB Lynch,  did the beautiful arrangement and Ellen Starr sang it especially for you.

Take your Grand Mom’s hand Dear Cary and place it close to your heart. Travel the long roads holding my hand – and share the song  I wrote for you with the other grandsons that you meet along the way.  Help them to understand that someone out there loves them so very much and needs to touch base with them again.  Be safe precious grandson until we are reunited again.

01 Please Take My Hand.mp3 01 Please Take My Hand.mp3
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Your Loving Grand Mom, Edie


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I am a Filmmaker based in New York City and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am currently working on an Hour Documentary about the homeless teens that live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A clip of this, put up by The New School, can be seen on UTube, entitled "Hold Fast To Your Dreams." I received my Masters in Media from the New School in 2009 my Masters in International Affairs in 2012 at The New School. While working at New York University under George Stoney in The Film Department, I got nominated for the Grierson Academy Award for my first feature documentary as director/producer of an hour film concerning the problems of Drug Addiction. I have a published book of photographs on the rural country people of Jamaica, entitled "With Glory I So Humbly Stand." When not working in photography and film I enjoy sculpting figures of interesting character types (people) that I see while traveling around the world. I sculpt in gold and usually add diamonds to the hands and feet for dramatic accents. I love children from all ethnic backgrounds and do my best to help them realize their dreams.
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